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Rolling out remote learning

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ITU enters a new mode for teaching and learning.

In compliance to the COVID-19 Policy Guideline received from Higher Education Commission, Islamabad and subsequent meetings with Chairperson, Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad and Chairperson, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Lahore. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which is the global issue and the time to fight against it is yet unknown. Therefore to keep the young generation busy in productive activities and to avoid loss of precious time, online education has become a necessity. This is the only way through which educational loss can be minimized, if not totally avoided by the use of modern technology. Being a high tech university of the country Information Technology University hereby announces to start the online classes till further directions. In view of the above decision all Deans and Chairpersons have been requested to ensure the regularity of online classes, provision of course outlines and relevant study material to the students on priority bases. To achieve the desired learning outcomes of a course Faculty will be using multiple technology platforms/applications like Google Classroom, Google Meet/Hangout, Microsoft Teams/Skype, Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube channels etc. We believe this is the best course of action for establishing a reliable, high-quality method of instruction and academic progress for our students through this semester. In this regard, please note the following points.

  • Remote/Virtual Classes will resume from 6th April 2020 till further directions.
  • ITU’s official email addresses will be used for all types of official correspondence.
  • The department wise schedule of online classes is available at ITU website.
  • Course outlines and weekly lecture plan will be shared by the concerned faculty member / department.
  • The enrollment lists have also been shared with concerned faculty members to invite enrolled students.
  • Attendance for each live session is mandatory and will be marked during the lecture.
Please note that Mid Term and Final Term exams will be conducted later and decision will be made at appropriate time.

Online Class Schedule

  • Commencement of classes from Monday April 6th, 2020
  • For any query email us at, or contact us at UAN: (042) – 111-111-ITU (488).


Google Hangouts:
  • Log into your email using ITU domain,
  • Click on the Google Apps ::: options on top right corner
  • Click on the Google Hangouts
  • Google Hangouts app will be executed
  • Click on video call
  • Click on “Join or Start Meeting”
  • Provide the “Teacher Name & Subject Name”
  • Click on Continue
  • Click on “Join Now” button
  • Click on “Add people” to invite other people in the meeting

Sharing the Desktop or Specific window

We can also share our entire desktop screen to the entire audiences or a specific windows like, MSPaint, Notepad, or Command Prompt etc to the participants.

  • Click on Present Now and start sharing entire screen or a specific window

Recordings the Video Session

  • We may also record our session using Google Hangouts and can later share with the students as well.
  • click on the “three dots” on the buttom right side to open the different options
  • click on the “Record Meeting”
  • This Recording will be saved on the “Google Drive”


We can also communicate with the participants using “Hangouts” builtin messaging app.

  • Select the specific participant and can send the message to the particular recipient

End Meeting

  • click on the Leave Call dialer on the button of the screen to end the meeting session


Google Hangouts Client Side/Student Side Steps:
  • Log into your email using ITU domain,
  • Open the link Google Hangouts by clicking over the button “Join Meeting”
  • Google Hangouts app will be executed and will ask some permission of Microphone, Speaker and Camera, click on the allow permissions when asked
  • Now again click on the “Join Now” button to start the meeting
  • Students should mute its MIC for smooth communication and on demand can unmute its MIC while asking voice questions etc


Students can also communicate with the participants using “Hangouts” built-in messaging app.

  • Select the specific participant and can send the message to the particular recipient

End Meeting

  • click on the Leave Call dialer on the button of the screen to end the meeting session


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